Teen Bath Salts Abuse Treatment

Teen Bath Salts Abuse TreatmentParadigm Treatment Centers Teen Bath Salts Treatment Overview:

Bath Salts are a group of man-made drugs with amphetamine-like chemical ingredients, and which teens abuse in order to obtain the stimulant high which is similar to that of cocaine. Also similar to cocaine, Bath Salts act directly on the brain and therefore are highly addictive and also put teens at high risk of overdose, as they become more tolerant of the drug, as well as more dependent upon it.

Another reason Teen Bath Salt Abuse is so risky is because when teens are abusing these drugs, they have virtually no idea what substances they’re ingesting, because the ingredients used in the substances vary widely. Moreover, even the effects teen experience can vary so widely between uses, which makes them extremely vulnerable to suffering severe negative and unintended symptoms.

These symptoms can vary widely and furthermore, because Bath Salts are a relatively new type of drug, there is relatively little knowledge about the effects they can produce. With this said, some of the known symptoms Bath Salts can cause include: increased heart rate and blood pressure; dehydration; panic attacks; hallucinations; paranoia; chest pains; and delusions.


Paradigm Treatment Centers Teen Bath Salts Abuse Treatment:

At Paradigm Treatment Centers, we provide holistic residential treatment for a number of different teen mental health and substance abuse conditions, including but not limited to Teen Bath Salts Abuse Treatment. At Paradigm Treatment Centers, our Teen Bath Salts Abuse Treatment plans are all designed individually. Teens first undergo a thorough diagnostic interview process, in which we assess the full range of their current needs, including aspects related to their behavioral health and drug use as well as their emotional health, mental health, physical health, social health, and academic health. These assessments are then used to create an individualized holistic Teen Bath Salts Abuse treatment plan in order to support teens to recover and heal in all areas of their lives.

Throughout their time here at Paradigm Treatment Centers, all teens receive daily one-on-one therapy sessions with their lead therapists. During these sessions, therapists work to help teens explore and process the deeper emotional aspects of their current struggles which may consciously or unconsciously be connected to their current drug use. In this sense, our Teen Bath Salts Abuse Treatment plans are designed to help teens not just correct behaviors and achieve sobriety, but to thoroughly address their deeper emotional needs. Our Teen Bath Salts Abuse Treatment plans also benefit from multiple other daily therapeutic groups and sessions, which provide a number of different opportunities for them to heal and grow, in different ways. Lastly, our Teen Bath Salts Abuse Treatment plans also provide teens with a number of supplemental support services to help address particular struggles they may need help with, including things like academic stressors, relational stressors, social stressors, and more.