Teen Autism Treatment and Teen Asperger’s Treatment

Teen Autism Treatment and Teen Asperger’s TreatmentTeen Autism is a brain disorder that’s characterized by a range of varying impairments, symptoms, and also skills. Teen Autism can vary greatly according to the individual teen, and therefore can result in different levels of impairment and effects on teens’ lives. Within Teen Autism, the five subtypes include: Autistic Disorder, Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified, Asperger’s Disorder, Rett’s Disorder, and Childhood Disintegrative Disorder. Because the symptoms of Teen Autism can present so differently, it can often be misdiagnosed and/or mistreated.

In general, the symptoms of Teen Autism tend to fall within the three categories of repetitive behaviors, social impairment, and difficulty with communicating. In many cases of Teen Autism, teens show repetitive behaviors as body movements, such as strange movements with their arms or hands, walking in particular patterns. Teens might also have repetitive behaviors such as only eating the same repeated meals, insisting on performing daily routines in the same order, organizing in a certain order, or performing a repetitive action. It’s important to understand that these repetitive behaviors are compulsive and therefore, teens can experience considerable stress if they’re unable to perform the behavior, and can often result in emotional outbursts.

Teen Autism also often results in teens experiencing difficulty in their relationships, much of which is due to their struggle to communicate. Teens with Autism often struggle to stay focused and listen during conversation, have difficulty maintaining eye contact, and may respond inappropriately, when they see emotion displayed in others. Much of this difficulty is related to the teens being unable to read social cues, which causes a disconnect as to how to relate to those around them. Teens may become agitated and repeat the same phrase, interrupt others, and/or have unpleasant emotional outbursts, all of which can lead to tension in relationships.

Paradigm Treatment Centers Teen Autism Treatment and Teen Asperger’s Treatment:

At Paradigm Treatment Centers, Teen Autism Treatment and Teen Asperger’s Treatment involves a combination of medication and behavioral therapy strategies. While there is currently no “cure” for Teen Autism, there are many resources that can contribute to helping teens to live enjoyable, successful lives, even despite the challenges of their symptoms. Some of the benefits of medication are they can help to decrease the emotional outbursts, as well as the stress and anxiety teens feel, surrounding their interactions with others. Moreover, because it’s common for Teen Autism to be present as a Co-Occurring Disorder, it’s hugely important that teens first receive an accurate and holistic diagnosis, which addresses any and all factors at play. At Paradigm Treatment Centers, following our thorough diagnostic interview process, we work with teens individually and in groups to help address their specific needs.

At Paradigm Treatment Centers, there is no one given Teen Autism Treatment and Teen Asperger’s Treatment plan, but rather, each teen receives a plan that is individualized according to her or his needs. For teens that are struggling with social skills and communication, we’ll work to help them recognize social cues, learn their own patterns and triggers in these interactions, and provide them with tangible skills they can practice. For teens that are struggling in school, we have a full-service Academic Support program, which will assist them in discovering practical skills and habits that will set them up to succeed. And for teens struggling in relationships, we work individually and in group therapy sessions to help them discover how to heal and grow with the people close to them.