Teen Art Therapy

Teen Art TherapyAt Paradigm Treatment Centers, we proudly offer a wide selection of any Expressive Arts Therapies program, including our Teen Art Therapy program. One of the benefits of our Teen Expressive Arts Therapy offerings is they provide a wide array of unique opportunities for teens to engage in important therapeutic work, in innovative, organic ways, through different artistic processes. This not only serves to enrich and support teens’ therapeutic goals, but also allows us to design treatment plans that are tailored in precisely individual ways, according to each teen’s unique interests, strengths, symptoms, and goals.

Teen Art Therapy is a highly regarded form of therapy that uses the artistic process as an avenue to allow teens to reflect upon and process their current thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and behaviors. As with other alternative therapy modalities, one of the benefits of Teen Art Therapy is the comfortable and creative environment helps teens feel less pressure, regarding expectations of the process. Therefore, especially in instances where teens might be resistant to treatment or defensive toward more direct talk-based therapy sessions, often Teen Art Therapy sessions can help to make teens feel comfortable and open, which allows them to organically explore their current experiences more deeply. The specific struggles which Teen Art Therapy can be helpful in addressing include thing such as: chronic stress, physical ailments, teen depression, teen addiction, teen anxiety, teen autism. The different processes which teens experience in our Teen Art Therapy sessions also can be useful in addressing relational dynamics, observing and managing reactions, triggers, developing self-awareness, making insights into themselves, improving social skills, and providing relief to symptoms of stress and anxiety. Lastly, Teen Art Therapy also adds a source of enjoyment to teens’ lives, and even contribute toward an improved sense of self.

During Teen Art Therapy sessions, the certified Art Therapist designs a session and artistic activity, according the particular needs of the group of teens. All of our Art Therapists have minimum Master’s Degree education and are highly skilled and experienced working with adolescents and creating meaningful therapeutic engagement, through the artistic process. In this sense, it’s worth noting that it is not simply the act of creating art itself that holds therapeutic value, but the connections which therapists create and help to facilitate, between the creative processes and teens’ current therapeutic goals.

At Paradigm Treatment Centers, our treatment team coordinates care in such a way that each individual session and experience contributes toward teens’ greater growth and treatment work. Our Art Therapists coordinate with the teens’ lead therapists, in order to ensure that the art sessions are pertinent, and also that the insights and discoveries teen make during these sessions are then carried forth and built upon, in other aspects of the teens’ treatment work. By designing and carrying out treatment in this holistic and collaborative way, we’re able to provide a unique, creative, fresh treatment experience that allows teens to recover and grow in incredibly powerful ways.