Teen Anxiety Treatment

Teen Anxiety Disorder is a mental illness characterized by teens experiencing an almost-constant state of worry, fear, or nervousness which colors much of their thinking and experiences. When teens are suffering from an Anxiety Disorder, it’s not possible for them to simply “get over” their fears or reason themselves out of their nervousness. In fact, often the anxiety may not be connected to any conscious event or reason, and therefore persists despite changes in circumstances. In other words, even if the teen happens to be partaking in an enjoyable event in which their fears logically have no basis, the teens will continue to feel the anxiety, nonetheless. Because of the overwhelming nature of it, the anxiety can grow to affect just about all aspects of teens’ lives and can become a destructive force in teens’ responsibilities and relationships without the use of teen anxiety treatment.

Teen Anxiety Treatment

There are several different types of Teen Anxiety Disorder, characterized by the specific symptoms a teen is experiencing. These include:

Some of the specific symptoms of Teen Anxiety Disorder often affect teens physically as well as mentally. The anxiety can cause stress reactions in the body, characterized by:

  • chest pains
  • increased heart rate
  • increased body temperature
  • perspiration
  • headaches
  • stomach aches
  • fatigue
  • panic attacks, in which teens struggle to catch their breath

One of the unfortunate effects of these side effects evolving is that they can create a cause-and-effect cycle, in which the anxiety triggers physical symptoms, and the physical symptoms create more stress and anxiety. This can become a very difficult, scary, and overwhelming process for teens to feel stuck inside.

Paradigm Treatment Centers Teen Anxiety Treatment:

We base our Teen Anxiety Treatment programs around supporting teens to recognize thought patterns, observe and/or change belief systems, and find healthy ways to eliminate stress in their lives. Therapy involves a combination of individual and group talk therapy sessions, alternative arts therapy programs, and an array of supplemental support programs, designed to assist teens in making improvements and changes in specific areas of their lives (such as academics, nutrition, athletic goals, and more.) At all of our Paradigm Treatment Center locations, teens have individual talk therapy sessions every day while in treatment, in addition to several other group therapy sessions. In talk therapy sessions, therapists work with teens to help them identify how their thought patterns produce and perpetuate anxiety. This especially includes identifying stressors and triggers in their lives which may need deeper processing, in order to uncover and work through the underlying emotional aspects of the anxiety. At the same time, our therapists work with teens to also observe how their anxiety affects behaviors and what kinds of changes may help them to feel better as well as to be more successful in their lives. We also teach tools an array of tools and techniques to cope with anxiety and deal with stress, so that teens become gradually stronger and more able to face challenges, when they arise.