Teen Addiction Treatment

As with our Teen Mental Health programs, we design each and every teen addiction treatment plan according to the individual, and approach treatment in an effort to address and support the young person’s overall well-being. In this sense, Paradigm Treatment Centers are dedicated to a truly holistic approach, working in both individual and group settings to address all the different needs the young person might have, including things such as Academic Support, nutritional planning, family therapy, and more. In individual and group therapy sessions, our therapists draw upon the best of traditional and progressive methodologies, including but not limited to the 12-step program.

Teen Addiction Treatment

Individualized Teen Addiction Treatment

Individualized Treatment is a cornerstone of the Paradigm Treatment Centers approach. There is no given curriculum for any particular condition or symptom because we’re committed to observing and treating the needs of the whole person, beyond just the substance abuse behaviors. Because of this, treatment at all of our Paradigm Treatment Centers really does look different for every young person. With that said, there are some common therapeutic aspects of our treatment approach which are implemented within all of our programs.

At all of our Paradigm Treatment Centers, our Teen Addiction Treatment plans also include individual therapy sessions with a teen’s lead therapist, every single day while in treatment. We have found that there’s simply no substitute for this consistent, supported, therapeutic time, in which therapists can work with teens to help them process thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, surrounding their substance abuse as well as their larger current struggles. This is also the most important environment in which therapists can support teens to do the deeper introspective work necessary in order to identify and treat the underlying emotional aspects of their substance abuse, rather than simply the problematic behaviors. The importance of this can not be stressed enough, in order to help teens heal and recover at the deepest level possible, which makes them much less vulnerable to relapse, moving forward. In this sense, in working with young people who are struggling with substance abuse and addiction, we not only want to help them to change their behaviors and achieve successful sobriety, but we also want to work with them to address thought patterns, false belief systems, and deeper connections between their current stressors and thoughts and their drug use. By supporting teens to recognize and understand these deeper relationships, we can help them to implement new practices and habits that will not just support their sobriety but their improved health and well-being, as well.

Our Teen Addiction Treatment programs also include numerous group therapy sessions, which provides unique and creative opportunities for teens to engage in meaningful therapeutic work as well as implement new, sober activities that will add to their quality of life. Just a few of the programs we offer include: Teen Art Therapy, Teen Drama Therapy, Teen Equine Therapy, Teen Music Therapy, Teen Surf Therapy, Teen Meditation Therapy, Teen Acupuncture and Massage, Teen Yoga Therapy, and more. Lastly, we also provide a an array of supplemental support programs designed to provide support to specific areas of teens’ lives, including things such as: nutritional guidance, academic support and tutoring, sibling support services, family therapy groups, recreational therapy, athlete programs, and more.

Parent & Family Support

At Paradigm Treatment Centers, teen treatment means family treatment. We have a great amount of respect for families of teens that are struggling with substance abuse and understand that this is likely a very difficult and challenging time for the entire family. This is why we’ve designed a number of parent support and family services, in order to provide parents and family members with the guidance and support they need, throughout the entire process. Not only do parents partake in weekly family group sessions with their teens but also individual parenting sessions, group sessions with other parents, informational sessions, Parent Effectiveness Training, and more. We work closely with parents in order to help them become more knowledgeable about what their teens are going through, and also help them to support their teens’ sobriety as well as the improved well-being of the entire family. Our highly skilled, excellent therapists are wonderful at helping to bridge the communication gap between teens and parents, and creating an environment where everyone feels heard, seen, and respected. Our many years of experience working with families has shown us that parents and teens alike often deeply enjoy and benefit from the family work we do here and the family day sessions often shine as some of the richest moments of the Paradigm Treatment Center experience.

Last but not least, in order to support teens’ ongoing sobriety and healing, Paradigm Treatment Centers provides free ongoing after-care support services, in person or over the phone, for all Paradigm families.

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