Teen Acute Stress Disorder Treatment

Teen Acute Stress Disorder is an anxiety disorder that is created as a result of a traumatic event, and causes teens to feel overwhelming fear, panic, and stress. Teen Acute Stress Disorder Treatment is important as it is considered a precursor to Teen Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and similarly, the stress can be so severe that it prevents teens from functioning healthily in their lives.

Teen Acute Stress Disorder has mental and physical effects. It’s common for teens to suffer regular instances of re-experiencing the trauma, in forms such as flashbacks or vivid memories, which cause them to think and feel what they did at the time of the event. Teens in this situation get stuck in the traumatic experience and therefore, can’t gain relief necessary to heal or move on from the event.

Teen Acute Stress Disorder Treatment

Understandably, regularly experiencing this kind of trauma in repetition can make it difficult for teens to concentrate in school, perform well in sports and/or other interests, and to feel present with others. Because of this, it’s common for teens suffering from Acute Stress Disorder to isolate themselves, because they already feel so fragile and vulnerable. At the same time, this kind of severe stress has a number of physical effects especially over time, including negatively affecting teens’ neurotransmitter and hormonal balance, among other things. This, in turn, can lead to myriad different physical and mental health conditions, including things such as anxiety, depression, and autoimmune conditions.

Paradigm Treatment Centers Teen Acute Stress Disorder Treatment:

At Paradigm Treatment Centers, we provide holistic adolescent treatment for a wide range of mental health and substance abuse conditions, including Teen Acute Stress Disorder Treatment. Our teen acute stress disorder treatment plans involve progressive and traditional modalities and combine a number of different individual and group therapy environments, which are designed to help teens to make insights into themselves, and to process their struggles at the most foundational level possible. Throughout our Teen Acute Stress Disorder sessions, therapists work with teens to help them learn resources and techniques to help reduce overall stress in their lives, as well as situational stress which arises as a direct result from the trauma. Secondly, our therapists also work with teens to help them address any current struggles in their lives which need extra support, such as academics, sibling relationships, social relationships, or physical health ailments. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, our therapists work with teens to process the deeper emotional underpinnings of the stress, including the traumatic event and subsequent effects.