Spiritual Health

Spiritual HealthAt Paradigm Treatment Centers, we believe that a core aspect of supporting young people to heal and grow is to also to help them discover who they are and what their deepest desires are. We believe one of the most powerful skills teens can gain is to observe their own feelings, thoughts, and beliefs, in order to continue better understanding who they are. In order to do this, teens must learn to listen to and trust their inner voice and instincts, which is the focus of our Spiritual Health program. In order to promote this kind of self-discovery and care as a sort of spiritual foundation, we offer numerous programs and practices that facilitate these skills, including things such as meditation, visualization, and yoga, as well as our core individual and group therapy sessions.

At Paradigm Treatment Centers, we respect practice of teens’ religious views. In instances where youth already have a religious or spiritual background, we accommodate their needs and goals such as dietary guides and/or attending services.