Pet Friendly Teen Treatment

At Paradigm Treatment Centers, we understand that for many people, pets are not just animals but members of the family. They provide us with comfort and encouragement, and always make us feel more at peace and at home. Often during challenging emotional times, people gain incredible comfort from their pets that can be difficult to receive from other people. This proves especially true when teens are going through difficulties with relationships and/or that make teens fear being judged or misunderstood. At Paradigm Treatment Centers, we incorporate intentional time with animals within our teen treatment programs, including our Pet Friendly Teen Treatment and Equine Therapy programs.

Many of us know by experience what research of Pet Friendly Teen Treatment explain in theory: that the presence of animals can help people to feel comforted and more at ease. Teen Pet Friendly Therapy was developed from this premise, of incorporating animals into treatment, in order to support and further the mental, emotional, social, and physical recovery of teens. As such, Pet Friendly Teen Treatment is a widely practiced therapeutic approach, implemented in settings such as prisons, nursing homes, hospitals, and schools, among others. Some of the specific benefits of Teen Pet Friendly Therapy include but are not limited to: helping to break down barriers between teens and therapists; improving relational dynamics; helping teens to engage in deeper therapeutic work; helping to reduce teens’ feelings of anxiety and fear of judgement; helping improve teens’ ability to share and relate with others; improving teens’ ability to be empathetic with others; and helping teens learn more successful ways of reflecting upon themselves. In our many years’ experience working with youth, we find Teen Pet Friendly Therapy to be extremely useful in furthering the important work teens are doing during their Teen Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment programs.

As one part of our Pet Friendly Teen Treatment programs, we offer Teen Equine Therapy. Equine Therapy is a very unique and special therapeutic modality in which a licensed Equine Therapy leads teens through intentional work with horses, within a therapeutic context. Teen Equine Therapy has is a widely respected approach used in numerous settings and a powerful resource to incorporate into our teen treatment plans.