Parent Coaching and Parent Effectiveness Training

Parent Coaching and Parent Effectiveness TrainingAt Paradigm Treatment Centers, we view the well-being of adolescents as intimately tied to the well-being of the family, and especially the relationships between youth and parents. While our primary focus is to address and meet the needs of the teens, we understand that the home environment is integral to teens’ support system and their ability to achieve and sustain their therapeutic goals. As such, we incorporate efforts to educate and support the family relationships into all of our teen treatment plans at Paradigm Treatment Centers. One of these programs we offer is our Parent Coaching and Training services, which includes our Parent Effectiveness Training, which is facilitated by a licensed P.E.T Certified teacher. Parent Coaching and Parent Effectiveness Training is a parenting method, proven to greatly enhance a family’s ability to successfully engage in and continue the therapeutic work a teen is doing, both while in treatment and following.

Just as each teen is unique, each family we work with has their own needs, challenges, and strengths. Therefore, each Parent Coaching and Parent Effectiveness Training session differs, according to the unique needs of the family. Our Parent Effectiveness coach works with each family to address the struggles and dynamics at play, which are decreasing the well-being of the entire family unit. What we find is it’s very common for there to exist certain habitual patterns and consistent behavioral dynamics in families, which cause consistent tension and which are often unconscious to both teens and family members. Therefore, even despite parents and teens’ sincere desire and efforts to improve communication and dynamics, they find themselves unable to do so. By supporting teens and family members to uncover and recognize these patterns and behaviors, the overall health and functioning of the family unit can be vastly improved.

During Parent Coaching and Parent Effectiveness Training sessions, some of the topics that the trainer may explore include things such as communication styles, problem ownership, conflict resolution skills, parenting styles, active listening, behavior windows, and communication roadblocks. In addition to these kinds of techniques, the trainer also teaches practical applications such as how to create a supportive physical home environment, in order to eliminate potential pitfalls and decrease the teens’ risk of relapse, as well as ways to avoid conflicts.

Our Parent Coaching and Parent Effectiveness Training tends to be greatly enjoyed and valued among parents, especially in helping them to feel more knowledgeable and empowered to offer understanding, empathy, and effective support for their teens. Because we know that parents with teens in treatment experience considerable stress themselves throughout this time, we also find that these sessions are wonderfully supportive in helping to alleviate stress, provide insight and confidence to parents, and help parents to feel more capable and confident in their roles. When used in conjunction with individual teen therapy sessions and family therapy sessions, we find that the Parent Effectiveness Training program at Paradigm Treatment Centers is poignant and powerful in supporting the teens’ therapeutic goals as well as the family well-being overall.