Paradigm Treatment


Paradigm Treatment is one of the world’s leading providers in teen mental health and substance abuse treatment and specialize in providing highly individualized treatment in a residential setting, for teens ages 13-17. Paradigm Treatment Centers design all treatment plans according to the individual teen, and draw upon both traditional and progressive therapeutic modalities. Paradigm treatment is built to address the teens’ deepest, most underlying causes of their mental health and/or substance abuse struggles, instead of merely addressing teens’ current outward behaviors and symptoms. Furthermore, in designing treatment, we carefully consider and incorporate teens’ strengths and interests, and promote and support health of the whole person. To this end, we offer a wide number of programs designed to support teens’ Physical Health, Mental Health, Emotional Health, Spiritual Health, Social Health, Family Health, and Educational needs and goals. By providing treatment that addresses the complete lives of teens, we’re able to support teens to grow, recover, and heal in the most thorough, lasting ways possible.

Physical Health

Teens’ mental health and emotional health are intimately linked and as such, our treatment is designed to address and support all of teens’ physical health needs. This includes both physical symptoms that are a result of a mental illness or substance abuse condition, as well as preventative and supportive measures, to increase teens’ overall physical well-being.

Emotional Health

The adolescent years are characterized by significant changes, development, and processes of individuation. Sometimes, these experiences can cause young people to struggle with difficult emotional conflicts and/or conditions. The Emotional Health treatment component is designed to support teens emotionally throughout this time, while treating the underlying causes and issues that are present.

Social Health

During adolescence, it’s extremely important for teens to have healthy peer relationships and also learn to navigate social situations successfully. This is a fundamental aspect of development and necessary for teens to thrive in their lives. We offer a number of treatment resources and environments that support teens to learn more about themselves and their own needs, within the context of how to interact with others in healthy, appropriate ways.

Family Health

One of the unique aspects of teen treatment is it affects and involves the whole family. We have a deep respect for these processes and challenges, which is why Paradigm’s Family Health components are designed to support all family members in ways that will promote healing, growth, and increased well-being, in all family individuals as well as the family unit and environment.


At Paradigm Treatment, all teens receive a thorough educational assessment upon admission, which will then be used to design an individual academic support plan. This is used in conjunction with numerous support services, to meet teens’ academic needs and goals.