Paradigm Honors Kelly Ndombe With Academic Scholarship

Paradigm Honors Kelly Ndombe With Academic Scholarship - Paradigm Treatment Centers

Paradigm Treatment Center’s scholarship recipient Kelly Ndombe understands what it means to work hard to attain life goals: His efforts resulted in being accepted to Stanford University’s prestigious Master’s of Science program in Computer Programming. While the future shines brilliantly for Kelly, his path has not been without its challenges.

Kelly began his early life in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where political unrest made for a life filled with unease. Kelly and his family were ultimately forced to move from their home without any material belongings or comforts. It was during this tumultuous time that Kelly’s parents taught him to befriend his imagination and ingenuity – two commodities that could never be taken from him.

Computer science became Kelly’s creative medium of choice, and his love and skill for the discipline empowered him to achieve tremendous academic accolades. During the last three years of studying for his Bachelor’s degree, Kelly began working at Google during the summer months. His work there has further refined his programming skills and professional acumen.

His experience at Google has also strengthened Kelly’s belief that channeling one’s inventiveness into computer programming is an impactful societal approach that incites positive change. “One of my goals is to make it possible for other Congolese folks to discover the freedom that comes with computer programming. It’s to allow them to voice their own creative minds, make a difference in their families and be the tools for the betterment of their communities, therefore creating a ripple effect throughout the country, “ Kelly said.

While at Stanford University, Kelly will specialize his programming skills in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). He believes that AI has the ability to assist in providing solutions to problems that are more efficient than non-AI alternative methodology. Kelly has already utilized AI in gaming applications and he looks forward to exploring the applicability of AI in broader forums throughout his Master’s degree program.

Kelly feels privileged to have been selected as Paradigm’s scholarship recipient and expresses his feelings as follows: “I am grateful and honored to have been selected as recipient of the Paradigm Scholarship. Opportunities such as this one can make a big difference for the mental health of a degree-seeking student. They allow the student to spend more time exploring and feeding their academic curiosity and success rather than being preoccupied by acquiring the means to get through the degree. That peace of mind is something I value immensely. It’s always a humbling experience to have people believe in you enough that they are willing to invest in your future and assist you in reaching your goals. It’s a high compliment paid to the person’s vision and abilities. I take it with a lot of respect.”

And we respect Kelly Ndombe, for continuing to strive for a meaningful, purposeful life.

Congratulations Kelly!