Multi-Family Group Therapy

At Paradigm Treatment Centers, we’ve experienced first-hand how meaningful teen treatment requires the engagement and support of the entire family. Not only are teens better able to make authentic positive changes in their lives when they have the support of their family, but they’re also much more likely to sustain those changes, following their time at Paradigm. With this said, we also truly believe that the family therapy groups and sessions end up being as helpful and beneficial for parents and family members as they are for teens themselves. To this end, our family therapy program is designed to support the teen’s individual therapeutic work and goals, while also helping set a foundation for improved family health and environment, for everyone to enjoy. One of the cornerstone family therapy groups we offer at Paradigm Treatment Centers is our Multi-Family Group Therapy sessions.

Our Multi-Family Group Therapy sessions are weekly time in which teens in residence, along with their families, gather for a larger group session, led by two or three of our lead therapists. Whereas the individual family sessions are more designed to focus on each family’s unique dynamics and challenges, the larger multi-family groups are more topic-based, and usually address common challenges or experiences of young people and families at Paradigm. These sessions provide the opportunity for teens and families to connect, support each other, and learn from one another.

At Paradigm Treatment Centers, we understand that parents and family members experience their own difficulty and pain while their teens face these struggles and now, engage in treatment. We also understand that for an array of reasons, this time can tend to be extremely isolating for parents and family members, who may feel afraid or ashamed, feel like others don’t understand, and/or feel overwhelmed by the fear of being misunderstood and judged. In our Multi-Family Group Therapy sessions, teens and families have the opportunity to discuss aspects of mental health and substance abuse struggles, with people who understand. Our therapists lead the group to explore questions and experiences which are meaningful to everyone and which people can learn and grow from, by hearing the experience of someone else. In this way, our Multi-Family Group therapy sessions provide a wonderful sense of community for teens and families, as well as unique opportunities for healing and growth to take place.

Our Multi-Family Group Therapy sessions provide an excellent supplement to our Individual Group Therapy sessions. These are in addition to numerous supplemental support services that we provide, such as Parent Effectiveness Training, Sibling Support Services, and free ongoing after-care services for all Paradigm families, in order to ensure that young people and families have the support they need, every step of the way.