Paradigm Launches Therapeutic Goat Yoga Program

Therapeutic Goat Yoga Program - Paradigm Treatment Centers


Paradigm Treatment Centers is thrilled to announce the expansion of its already robust therapeutic program to include goat yoga, an innovative mindful practice that is already positively impacting our clientele after only a few short weeks in action.

Services are offered by Scout Raskin’s Party Goats LA, which is one of the most respected and well-known goat yoga providers in California. In fact, Scout and her team may be the only entity offering this service to fully train their goats to work specifically with each yoga pose. “Goats are highly intuitive, sensitive and smart beings,” says Raskin, “they will trust their instincts and work with clients who struggle with a variety of mental health issues.”

Raskin speaks from experience – she herself has struggled with chronic depression and anxiety for most of her life, to the point where she was hospitalized and treated for Panic Disorder several years ago. “I have always felt a strong kinship with animals, and I have seen firsthand the powerful, positive impact they have on Paradigm clients, as I have experienced this myself as well.”

Therapeutic Goat Yoga Program - Paradigm Treatment Centers

Yoga goats Gizmo and Doc are joined by seasoned teacher Katherine Bradshaw (pictured), who acts as Paradigm’s lead goat yoga instructor and comes with over a decade of experience teaching. “She oozes positivity,” says Raskin. Katherine works with Paradigm clients to challenge themselves physically and mentally, but in a fun, lighthearted way, empowering clients to stay present and really be in the moment with their bodies.

“There is something magical about the pressure from the goats’ hooves as they walk on clients and interact with them – they really relieve stress and tension and assist clients who hold stress and trauma in their bodies. They don’t step on bones,” says Raskin, “but muscle tension is something they sense instinctively, and it really works wonders on multiple sensory levels.” Classes empower clients to find their own inner strength and ability to let go and allow the goat to move in concert with the client.

“We are so excited to add Goat Yoga to our vast array of therapeutic services,” states Paradigm Co-Founder and CEO Cole Rucker. “For years we have seen the benefit of both yoga and animal therapy for our clients and community. Combining the two has created a lot of energy and excitement at both our teen and young adult programs.”

Goat yoga will be offered regularly for all Paradigm Malibu clients, with possible expansion into other areas in the future. For more information, please contact us!