Individualized Tutoring


Individualized TutoringAt Paradigm Treatment Centers, we aim to make every aspect of the treatment process individualized and holistic. Just as we understand all different areas of teens’ lives are connected, we want to evaluate how different areas of teen’s lives are affecting and/or exacerbating their current symptoms. To this end, we understand that during adolescence, one of the most central responsibilities and stressors in teen’s lives is school, which is why all of our Paradigm Treatment Center locations have a Academic Support Program, which includes our Individualized Tutoring program.

Details: Individualized Tutoring

Academic stress and challenges play a central role in the lives of teens we work with at Paradigm, whether it be teens that have fallen behind in grades or teens that experience high stress, due to the rigorous demand of their advanced classes. Many of the symptoms associated with mental health and substance abuse conditions tend to cause tension and difficulty for teens, in the classroom. This can sometimes trigger a negative cause-and-effect cycle where teens begin struggling in school, which causes them stress; the stress then worsens symptoms; and the aggravated symptoms make it even more difficult for teens to engage and succeed in school. By taking an individualized approach and incorporating teens’ specific academic needs into their overall treatment plans, we can help them to improve their academic standing, while also becoming equipped to better navigate academic struggles, moving forward.

There are numerous benefits of our Individualized Tutoring sessions. First of all, it’s extremely common that when teens are struggling in school, they lose confidence in themselves in the classroom, making it hard to ask questions and/or engage, especially in front of classmates. However, in one-on-one tutoring sessions, there is no pressure of being judged or misunderstood by others, which allows teens to more easily relax and identify what their questions are and what they need help with. Teens also have the advantage of working at their own pace, and being able to work through difficult concepts thoroughly, in order to achieve mastery. The benefits of this kind of supportive, relaxed academic setting cannot be stressed enough, as it organically allows teens to begin re-learning healthy study habits, decrease their stress, and rebuild confidence.

Lastly, it’s important to note that the individual tutors and classroom teachers coordinate efforts and care with teens’ lead therapists, so that teens’ academic work and efforts are incorporated into the teens’ larger treatment plans. Therefore, for instance as teens make insights into their stressors in individual therapy sessions, they can apply this knowledge into new behaviors which will enable them to succeed, in the classroom. The result is that the time teens spend in treatment at Paradigm Treatment Centers serves to help them heal and develop as individuals, while also empowering them to succeed in all areas of their lives.