Gifted Teen Treatment Program

At Paradigm Treatment Centers, all of our programs are designed to go far beyond merely addressing symptoms and behaviors. We’re committed to working with each teen individually, and designing a unique Gifted Teen Treatment Program plan that allows for the space, creativity, and flexibility necessary to meet the teens’ deepest core needs and struggles. Along these lines, we understand that every teen is different, and that their needs and challenges can vary widely, even amidst common diagnoses. Many of the teens that come to us at Paradigm Treatment Centers for mental health and/or substance abuse treatment are extremely intelligent, gifted people. Many of them attend Advanced Placement or Honors Courses and we understand that these Gifted Teens have specific needs and responsibilities, in order to be successful with their commitments inside and outside of school. To ensure that these young people have the support and resources they need, we offer a Gifted Teen Treatment Program, at all of our Paradigm Treatment Center locations.

Gifted Teen Treatment Program

Paradigm Treatment Centers Gifted Teen Treatment:

At Paradigm Treatment Centers, we understand the high level of pressure and stress which many Gifted Teens face, in order to succeed in challenging academic and extracurricular responsibilities. When Gifted Teens are struggling with a mental health or substance abuse disorder, the additional stress and associated symptoms can make life feel overwhelming and even impossible. In order to help teens to experience the healing and growth they seek, we begin by designing an individual treatment plan, based upon a thorough diagnostic process, which considers all areas of teens’ lives.

Each Gifted Teen Treatment plan is designed to address the full range of teens’ needs, including their Mental, Emotional, Physical, Relational, and Academic Health. As part of our Gifted Teen Treatment programs, teens receive individual daily therapy sessions, as well as multiple other group therapy and support sessions. During these therapy sessions, we work with teens to help them explore and identify the underlying causes and triggers that contribute to their current struggles. These might include such things as false belief systems, unhealthy relationship dynamics, physical ailments, and negative thought patterns. For Gifted Teens specifically, it’s also not uncommon for there to be relationships between the stress they experience in school and their current struggles. Regardless of what these dynamics are, we want to ensure that we help teens to address these things on the deepest levels possible, in order to ensure that the healing they experience is substantial, and authentic enough to provoke lasting, meaningful change.

Our Gifted Teen Treatment Program provides a vast selection of therapeutic sessions and offerings, which ensures our ability to be able to help teens engage fully in their own treatment work and experience. We provide the largest selection of progressive and Expressive Arts Therapies of any program in the country, including things such as Teen Meditation Therapy, Teen Yoga Therapy, Teen Art Therapy, Teen Music Therapy, Teen Drama Therapy, and more. We also work with teens to help expose them to healthy practices they can incorporate into their lives, in order to reduce stress and improve their quality of life. And lastly, we also provide and Academic Support team, including a credentialed teacher, daily on-site classroom time, and individual tutors.