Employee of the Month: Robert Burns

Employee of the Month: Robert Burns - Paradigm Treatment Centers

Robert Burns understands that the purpose of education isn’t just to expand his students’ knowledge: Robert appreciates that his role as a teacher is to develop his students’ creative thinking abilities so the knowledge that is imparted to each learner can translate into a purposeful life filled with accomplishments and balance.

During his three-year tenure with Paradigm Treatment Centers, Robert has engaged teen residents to reach their full academic potential while maintaining their emotional and physical well-being. Robert’s hybrid mind-body teaching approach to traditional academic subjects is extremely effective with Paradigm’s teens, and assists families in participating in the overall recovery process.

“Robert continually finds ways to connect to Paradigm’s teens,” states Supervisor Tracy Banger, LCSW. “Robert will wake up early to take struggling teens to the gym in an attempt to get them to connect to Paradigm’s curriculum. He even played one-on-one basketball with a particularly shy boy, so that the boy would involve himself in all treatment objectives. In addition, Robert’s methods don’t just resonate with the teens: He is able to develop meaningful dialogues between adolescents and their families which increases successful program outcomes.”

His teaching duties keep him busy, but Robert intends to further his own education by attending medical school to become a physician. Despite limited time juggling work with medical school applications, Robert continues helping others by volunteering at Saint John’s Regional Medical Center, where he interacts with patients during their recovery process. Robert’s commitment to helping others is exemplary and he always puts the needs of Paradigm’s teens and staff before his own.

Paradigm’s staff, clients and client families appreciate Robert and his boundless dedication to helping others thrive. Tracy eloquently expresses Paradigm’s sentiment towards Robert Burns by stating, “Robert is an all-around great person to work with. He makes the environment around him better in every way and he always asks what he can do to make a situation better. Robert is tirelessly determined to get all Paradigm teens to interact in the therapeutic and academic processes: I am very happy when I know Robert is working. I hope he never leaves!”