Employee of the Month: Patro Lopez

Employee of the Month: Patro Lopez - Paradigm Treatment


Paradigm Treatment is proud to congratulate Patro Lopez, Lead Chef at our Malibu location, on being recognized as February 2020 Employee of the Month.

From the love that his family’s cooking brought his childhood, Patro knew at a young age that a career as a chef was the profession he wanted to pursue. This passion would lead Patro to train under the leadership of several renowned chefs specializing in a variety of culinary origins.

His creations cross several cultural and geographic borders, consisting of recipes derived from Mexican, Italian, and Japanese cuisine, among others. In addition to his culinary prowess, Patro Lopez seeks out opportunities to assist youth is developing a refined sense of self and meaningful relationships through sharing nutritious, inspired meals.

Chief Operating Officer Dustin Wagner acknowledges that Patro Lopez represents the overall heart and soul of Paradigm’s mission:

Patro is fun, caring and excellent at his job. He oversees our food program and offers support to the staff. While it can be difficult to prepare food for an array of needs and tastes, Patro finds a way to knock it out of the park, day in and day out. Furthermore, Patro Lopez does so with a smile and an attitude that is contagious to our clients and staff alike!