Teen Hypnotherapy

hypnosisTeen Hypnotherapy is a relaxing therapeutic modality that helps teens to access their unconscious minds.  During these sessions, teens are able to more easily and organically access thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that may have been unconscious to them previously and are difficult to access within more direct therapeutic contexts.  These insights are extremely valuable in helping teens understand who they are, as well as providing meaning to some of the behaviors and struggles they’re currently facing.  At Paradigm Treatment Centers, we believe that this kind of deeper introspective therapeutic work is integral in supporting teens to achieve and sustain lasting recovery and as such, design our Teen Treatment plans accordingly.

The importance related to the unconscious mind and its effect upon our everyday behaviors and existence dates back to some of the oldest psychotherapy theories, specifically including Freud’s psychoanalysis.  This premise suggests that because we have thoughts, beliefs, and feelings that are unconscious to us but which are causing behaviors, it’s necessary to uncover and address those unconscious aspects, in order to truly change and heal behaviors.  We find that with teenagers, who are developing quickly on so many levels throughout adolescence, it’s very common for teens to not feel good and yet to not really know what they’re feeling and/or why they’re feeling that way.  We also find that when we help teens to access these deeper unconscious aspects of their current experience, they are able to gain powerful insights into understanding who they are as well as finding motivation to change.  At Paradigm Treatment Centers, we believe it’s our responsibility as treatment providers to motivate teens to do this kind of deep therapeutic work.  As such, we want to provide youth with the great number of avenues possible that will enable them to do so.  Our Teen Hypnotherapy provides an effective point of access to this therapeutic work.

With this said, the process of diving into the unconscious and mining these deeper emotions and thoughts can be challenging and uncomfortable.  For example in instances of Teen Trauma, teens might experience painful discoveries and releases related to these events, when processing at these deeper levels.  Moreover, sometimes as a way of coping, the brain can form a sort of block to the traumatic event and after years of avoiding that pain, there can be resistance built up, which causes teens to be defensive toward this kind of exploration.  Because of these inherent challenges, Teen Hypnotherapy is valuable in helping teens to feel relaxed and comfortable, as they access this unknown space.

Teen Hypnotherapy sessions are relatively simple in nature. Teens are not asleep during sessions but instead are supported to come into an extremely comfortable state, where they can fully relax their bodies and minds.  Therapists facilitate this deep relaxation through a number of techniques such as guided imagery and supported posture.  The therapists then lead the teens to explore certain thoughts and feelings, while continuing to maintain this state of relaxation.  Teen Hypnosis Therapy has been proven to be helpful in treating issues such as Teen Addiction, Teen Trauma, Teen PTSD, Teen Anxiety, and Teen Eating Disorders.  Moreover, Teen Hypnosis Therapy is found to be useful when used in conjunction with other forms of more traditional talk therapy, such as the daily individual therapy sessions which teens receive while at Paradigm Treatment Centers.  The result is that by providing this therapeutic modality alongside numerous other approaches, teens here are able to find myriad creative and authentic ways to gain insights into themselves as well as into how to live their best and happiest lives.