e-Admissions Paperwork


Welcome to Paradigm Treatment Centers. We thank you for choosing us and are dedicated to doing all we can to make the admissions process as easy and stress-free as possible for you and your family. For this reason, we provide all necessary admission forms electronically, below.

Please simply fill out each form on-line and when you’ve completed all, press the submit button. We can process all paperwork this way and therefore, there is no need to print out form, unless you prefer to fill out a paper version. If you do prefer to submit a hard copy, please email us at info@paradigmtreatmentcenters.com and we can email the complete paperwork to you directly.

Please note: many of the forms included here are required by regulating agencies and therefore, may not seem applicable to your particular case. However, we simply ask that you complete all of them, so we can remain in compliance with governing regulations.

Identification and Emergency Contact

Pre-placement and Academic Info



Financial Agreement

Please complete the below form to request medical records to be sent to a provider.

Release of Medical Information