At Paradigm Treatment Centers, our first priority is to assist teens and families as best we can to help them find the help and support they need. We are always available to assist families in finding the right treatment option and guide parents as they conduct research, ask questions, and discuss what their teens’ unique needs are. Our goal, like yours, is to assist your teen in feeling better, as soon as possible.

Exploration Phase

Generally, the first conversation we have regarding the potential of placement at a Paradigm Treatment Center, is when a teen or loved one calls us, to talk about what’s going on, what the teens’ needs are, and to discuss potential adolescent treatment options. We are always happy to answer any general questions we can, while also providing information on our programs and our team, so that together, we can determine if one of our programs might be a good match for the teen and family.

In some cases, families may choose to visit the program, to further explore one of our Paradigm Treatment Centers and to get to see in-person why we believe our treatment residences and programs are so special. However, by no means do all families tour a facility prior to a teen’s arrival, especially considering that young people come to our treatment centers from all over the country and abroad. For families that are unable to visit, our websites provide extensive information for interested families and you can also visit our most Frequently Asked Questions page, here.

Insurance Processing & Financing

We are happy to verify and explain benefits, for families who provide us with their insurance information. Though verification is only the first step, this process helps families to understand what coverage they have as well as what out-of-pocket expenses they may incur. Following this verification, if a family chooses to move forward with placement, we will seek Insurance Authorization, wherein the insurance company will state what portion or totality of treatment they will cover. We’ll then discuss the authorization with the family and they can decide if they’d like to continue forward with enrollment.

You can find more complete details on our insurance process, click here.

For families choosing to finance either part or all of treatment expenses, you can learn full details of our financing options, here.

Admissions Paperwork

In order to reserve a space in one of our treatment centers, families must complete the admissions paperwork process, and submitted either electronically or via hard copy.

In completing the admissions packet, please note that many of the forms may not seem either relevant or applicable, but are required by California state law, and thus, must be included. We simply ask that families do their best completing all forms, and we can always assist in this process. During this already challenging time, we certainly don’t want paperwork to be a point of stress.

Our complete Admissions packet can be found here.

Admission To A Paradigm Treatment Center

Once a family has decided on a Paradigm Treatment Center and completed all the necessary documents, we will work together to determine an admission date for the teen. Admission dates are always provided on a first come, first serve basis, and wait times can sometimes exist, due to a complex variety of factors. However, our admissions teams are committed to working with each family to ensure that we find a date and time of admission that best meets the family’s needs.

Thank you for considering Paradigm Treatment Centers. And Welcome.